Kaleb Nierman, Owner

My interest in photography started when I was 14 years old. I had been in charge of the sports section for the school’s website. The idea of adding pictures from the sporting events came up and I was all in. From shooting a few football games to photographing every game throughout the year, I began to love what I was doing! That year, I was given the opportunity to job shadow a well developed photography studio in the area. I was then hired that day to be one of their digital editing employees! After working there for over 3 years, I became more interested in photographing and not just sitting behind the computer. After long discussions with my father, we both agreed that I could start slow, but create a small business and see if I could become successful. At the age of 18 I had created my own company and by October 2006 we opened doors of a photography studio in Concordia, Missouri. Today, we have grown to be a stable business in the small town, providing services for hometown events, schools and the amazing citizens of Concordia and the surrounding communities in need of affordable and beautiful photography services.

Continuing to fulfill my dreams and goals everyday, I have also served as a firefighter since 2007 and EMT since 2010 of the Concordia Fire Protection District. Although I never feel I will become heroic as some of my role models, being able to serve a community I have lived in my entire life is a blessing!

To be continued...